2020 – a year of unimaginable changes. One thing we’ve learned throughout this pandemic is the importance of health, both physical + emotional. That’s why we’re ecstatic to announce our new client Heal Thyself Atlanta located in Grant Park. The preventative health spa was created in 2017 by Lala Huseynova after years in the medical field. She wanted a space that focused on healing before it was a necessity.

Now, the center offers wellness services, facial services, massage services, cosmetic services, holistic therapies, reflexology and aromatherapy, and fertility services. The team focus on three areas of wellbeing: mind, body and spirit and believe that overall health and happiness is achieved when all three are at their healthiest. This holiday season, they’re offering many holiday packages so everyone on your list can experience the peace that comes with prioritizing your health.

For more details + pricing, head here.


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