As ADAC’s spring market, DESIGN ADAC, gets underway this week, the popular “BEHIND THE WINDOWS” exhibit returns, highlighting the importance of art in design. Showcasing one-of-a-kind window vignettes located in different suites throughout ADAC, the exhibit is curated by designers/showrooms at ADAC and created with pieces from showrooms throughout the design center.

The latest installment features the work of design firms C + H INTERIORS, Habachy Designs, Regas Interiors, and The Drawing Room. Each installment showcases the designers’ unique style and inspiration. For example, Regas Interiors chose Paris as its inspiration, while C+H Interiors created a dramatic display inspired by a harmonious blend of aesthetics and texture. The Drawing Room was influenced by its Abacus Table centerpiece and customizable colors.

Don’t miss the chance to experience ‘BEHIND THE WINDOWS’ by visiting the installations at ADAC, located in Suites 238, 423, and 503. The exhibit runs through Aug. 4.

To learn more about the designers and exhibition, view the press release here.

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