Blue Note Crossroads has landed at #75 on Uproxx’s esteemed list of the 100 Best Bourbons Under $100 in 2023. This remarkable bourbon has garnered recognition for its quality + its love by bourbon connoisseurs.

Its inclusion on Uproxx’s list is no surprise because Blue Note Crossroads strikes a harmonious balance while notes of vanilla, toffee and cherry shine. The bourbon exudes a delightful presence of toasted French oak due to the distilling process, infusing each sip with a rich and robust flavor. This distinct character makes Blue Note Crossroads a versatile choice, equally suitable for enjoying neat, on the rocks, + as the star of any deliciously crafted cocktails. Blue Note Crossroads has cemented itself as a go-to bourbon for discerning whiskey enthusiasts.

See the full roundup on Uproxx here.

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