We’re celebrating one year of De’Andra being on #Team360! De’Andra is the Senior Buzz Coordinator and is such an invaluable part of our team! She works closely with our PR Specialist, Abby, on clients including Varuni Napoli, NETHERWORLD Haunted House, Heyday, Vinings Jubilee, and more. Her gentle nature and permanent smile balance her ability to get in, work hard + get the job done. We love her adventurous nature when it comes to food, her love of reality TV + being up for any challenge.

When asked about one of her favorite moments from the past year at 360 Media she said, “My favorite 360 memory was attending Rooftop L.O.A.’s opening night event. That was my first big client event for 360 Media and probably the first big event I attended post-covid lockdown. It was very exciting to be there with the rest of the team!”

We’re so grateful De’Andra to have her in our corner and so are our clients!

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