One thing we know is social media is constantly changing. At 360 Media, we keep our finger on the pulse so our clients + community can navigate the ever-evolving digital world to stay ahead of the curve. So, after reading copious amounts of newsletters, and trend reports, and tuning into socially focused podcasts, here are some predictions (and some tips!) that you’ll likely see in 2023.


Everyone who works with social media has a different opinion about hashtags – you either love or hate them. Hashtags are not as critical as they used to be. Experts suggest using 3-5 highlight targeted hashtags that relate to your product or business. We love also including ones that are personal to our business. For example: #team360, #PR, #client


If you are not already using keywords, be sure to include keywords in your social profile’s bio + caption. Platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok use keywords and AI to help users find your content + share it with users who might be interested in your content.

User-Generated Content “UGC”

With the rise of influencers and micro-influencers (with < 10,000 followers, but have high engagement), we’re expecting an increase in UGC. An easy way to start generating UGC content is to repost content shared by your followers. Just make sure to ask for permission before reposting to your feed!


It’s no secret that video killed the radio star + now reigns on Instagram. But, in 2023, we’ll likely see a shift in how Instagram pushes video. IG chief Adam Mosseri do we need to say where he said that? believes Instagram forced video too much and will shift back to its photo-sharing platform roots. Read more about Instagram’s push for video content here.

New Features

Social platforms are rolling out a lot of new features this year, check out IG chief Adam Mosseri’s account for changes throughout the year. A couple updates we find interesting from Instagram include their roll out of quiet mode that is like Iphone’s “do not disturb” mode. In addition, Instagram is encouraging users to utilize Instagram Topics. The topics feature helps categorize videos in order to reach similar audiences.

Stay tuned for more social updates!



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