Everyone knows that Friendsgiving is basically a national holiday at this point. The day spun off of Thanksgiving + is a chance to spend time with friends and eat even more delicious food. This year, we asked our team their favorite dishes + tips on how to navigate Friendsgiving amidst COVID-19. See below for the details!

  • Try doing a virtual Friendsgiving breakfast or coffee zoom with friends. This is great for friends who live in different areas + are planning around the hectic holidays.
  • Create a fun evite if you’re doing a virtual hang to garner excitement around the event.
  • Make this mac-n-cheese. Trust us.
  • A festival cocktail is always a great contribution. These Apple Cider Margaritas are a perfect place to start.
  • An outdoor, socially distanced potluck picnic is another great idea to Friendsgiving safely.
  • To impress your dessert-loving friends, make this Chocolate Mousse.

If you need even more recipe ideas for Friendsgiving, check out this article in The Atlanta 100. Happy Friendsgiving!

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