We’ve all tried to decipher the Instagram algorithm. Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri took to Instagram’s blog to explain how the popular social media app ranks content in order to help users improve their overall social strategy. Here’s the biggest takeaway from his blog – every part of the app (feed, stories, explore, reels, search, etc.) uses its own algorithm to rank content.

Explore on Instagram is your gateway to discovering exciting new content. By leveraging past activity, such as likes, saves, shares, and comments, the ranking process aims to present you with a curated grid of photos and videos from accounts you don’t follow yet. The ranking is determined by predicting your potential engagement with each post, with key actions like likes, saves, and shares playing a significant role. Factors such as post popularity, your activity in Explore, your history of interacting with the post author, and the author’s own engagement history are considered to deliver compelling content that captures your interests.

Instagram’s Feed is a personalized space that keeps users connected with friends, family, and interests. It combines posts from the followed accounts, recommended content, and ads in a mix of videos, photos, and carousels. The ranking algorithm considers factors like user activity (likes, shares, saves, and comments), post information (popularity and content details), information about the person who posted (interaction history and relevance), and the user’s history of interacting with someone (indicating general interest in their posts).

Reels on Instagram entertain and inspire with content from accounts you don’t follow. By gauging user feedback and prioritizing actions like re-sharing and full watch-through, the ranking process ensures captivating content. Key signals include your activity, interaction history, reel details, and the popularity of the creator, offering a diverse range of compelling content.

Stories on Instagram provide a powerful platform to share everyday moments and foster connections with cherished individuals and interests. The ranking process considers crucial factors such as viewing history, engagement levels, and the strength of relationships.

For more details on how Instagram ranks content visit the Instagram blog here.

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