What a moment for Atlanta’s culinary scene!

Atlanta’s esteemed Atlas restaurant has earned one of the culinary world’s most prestigious awards, a Michelin Star! The news comes as the Michelin Guide released its first-ever guide for the city of Atlanta in a live + virtual event. The Michelin Guide recognizes and awards exceptional restaurants around the world. Restaurants that receive the coveted Michelin Star are considered some of the best in the culinary industry.

Led by Culinary Director Chef Freddy Money for nearly 5 years, the Atlas team has consistently presented impeccable cuisine and innovative experiences in Atlanta’s dynamic dining scene. Atlas first opened in Atlanta’s St. Regis Buckhead Hotel in 2015 as part of the Tavistock Restaurant Collection. The restaurant quickly cemented its reputation as one of Atlanta’s premier destinations for fine dining, with sophisticated, tasteful dishes and beverage selections and an elegant interior that complements the menu.  Visit Atlas’s website here  for more information + reservations.

Congrats to all the restaurants + culinary talent recognized! Explore the complete Atlanta Michelin Guide here.

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