Are you ready for a miracle Atlanta? Everyone’s favorite Christmas-themed pop-up bar is back to save 2020! Miracle Atlanta arrives just in time to save possibly the worst year ever + has exciting new locations for all to enjoy the festivities. All five locations are placed around Atlanta and include Miracle at Wonderkid located in Atlanta Dairies, Miracle on Highland at The Brasserie and Neighborhood Café PARISH, Sippin’ Santa at both Bon Ton and Golden Eagle, and just recently announced, Miracle at the Fox Theatre’s Marquee Club presented by Lexus.

Each Miracle location brings something unique to the table + still stay true to the decked-out celebration we’ve all come to love. Of course, safety is a number one precaution this year (Covid-19 is the real grinch of 2020) + each Miracle location has added a number of precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved. For example, Miracle at the Fox Theatre’s Marquee Club presented by Lexus will be a 90-minute ticketed experience, the first ticketed event at the Fox since March, and only allow a certain number of guests in at a time.

For further details on all Miracle locations, including safety guidelines and hours, head here + get ready to experience Christmas like never before!

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