For the past 23 years + counting, the 360 Media Team has been honored to have NETHERWORLD Haunted House on our client roster. This year is no different…and, it’s a super special one!

As haunt season creeps around the corner, we are thrilled to announce NETHERWORLD’s 25 Seasons of Screams this Fall. Mark your calendars for opening weekend on Friday, September 24 + Saturday, September 25, and prepare yourself for this year’s unforgettable themes. Enter THE RISE OF THE NETHERSPAWN! Beware…an ancient sorcerer releases an army of horrific nightmares led by the twins, FEAR and TERROR, as a colossal storm of shadows engulfs the world to conceal THE RISE OF THE NETHERSPAWN. Ready to up your game? Thrill seekers will soon have the chance to put on a pair of 3D goggles and fully immerse themselves in a challenging journey that sends the sinister creatures to RETURN TO PLANET X.

For all the haunting details on dates, themes, ticketing + more, read the press release here.


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