Get excited Halloween fans! NETHERWORLD Haunted House officially returns for its 25th Season of Screams this Friday! Opening this weekend, only the bravest souls will experience the unforgettable pulse-pounding horror featured in two brand-new haunts, RISE OF THE NETHERSPAWN and RETURN TO PLANET X in 3D, from co-creators Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong.

Ready to immerse yourself in a nightmare world of classic horror? Enter RISE OF THE NETHERSPAWN! In the deepest caverns below the cursed city of Whyshburg an ancient creature summons an army of horrific nightmares led by the twin abominations, FEAR and TERROR, as a colossal storm of shadows engulfs the world to conceal this army of horrors from the NETHERWORLD! Are you prepared for a mind-melting adventure using advanced 3D technology? Thrill-seekers will put on 3D glasses to explore a top-secret facility filled with bizarre rips in the very fabric of reality, confront malignant alien life forms and find a way to make them RETURN TO PLANET X!

Prepare for thrills + shrills this weekend and don’t forget you can purchase your tickets online ahead of time at Since capacity will be limited this year, it is highly recommended to secure your tix as soon as possible to guarantee entry.

For all the blood-curdling details on this year’s two haunts, dates and ticketing options, as well as details on COVID-19 protocols, read the full press release here.

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