We’re over halfway through Q2 and have some updates for you! You’ve heard us say it before, but the social media landscape is always changing. In Q2 we’ve seen changes with AI, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Below are some notable highlights of what’s happening in the social world.

Instagram enables brands to promote more types of user content: Instagram now allows advertisers to boost various types of organic content as partnership ads, expanding opportunities for creators and brands to monetize user-generated content. Account-level permissions also enable brands to create Partnership Ads from a creator’s handle without a pre-existing post. Instagram is testing a process to feature user photos and videos in the IG shop.

Add up to 5 links on Instagram: Instagram announced users can now add up to 5 links in their bio, providing businesses and creators with more in-app functionality and reducing reliance on third-party tools like Linktree or Linkin.bio for multiple links.

Pinterest simplified its creation flow + enhanced metrics: Pinterest introduced a more intuitive and user-friendly pin creation flow, encouraging creators to link products to pins. The updates allow creators to monetize their content more easily, and enhanced metrics include watch time, pin clicks, and click-throughs.

Instagram Stories can be scheduled + published via third-party tools: Meta announced that Instagram stories can now be scheduled and published through third-party social media management platforms. Instagram business accounts can publish up to 25 images, videos, reels, or posts containing multiple images on these platforms.

The Talk of the TikTok ban continues: Montana becomes the first U.S. state to ban TikTok starting in 2024. Montana plans to fine app platforms like Google Play Store and Apple for allowing downloads within the state. Users and business owners have expressed concerns about the ban’s constitutionality and plan to challenge it in court.

Check back soon for more updates!

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