This Wednesday, February 28, is a critical moment for Georgia’s music industry as advocates unite to establish a statewide Georgia Music Office. Led by Georgia Music Partners (GMP), statewide organizations, performers and music business professionals, the Georgia Music Day of Action offers an opportunity to advocate for House Bill 549 and Senate Bill 396, sponsored by Representative Tyler Paul Smith and Senator Sonya Halpern. With bipartisan support, these bills await hearings in the Rules committee and must pass before Thursday’s midnight deadline.


With over 70,000 Georgians deriving their livelihood from the music sector alone, including musicians, songwriters, performers and educators, the need for a centralized office is paramount. Mala Sharma, President of GMP, emphasizes that such an office would not only promote statewide musical endeavors but also streamline access to music business opportunities flooding into the state.


Backed by more than 200 local and national organizations, including The Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter and the Recording Industry Association of America, the bills have garnered significant support, signaling a collective recognition of the importance of nurturing Georgia’s musical ecosystem. Moreover, esteemed figures within the music community, such as Chuck Leavell and Kat Graham, emphasize the necessity of investing in our musical legacy for future generations. Spread the word on social media using these graphics and submit a letter of support here:


Learn more about Georgia Music Day of Action and the impact this legislation could have on the Georgia music industry and economy at the press release here.

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