It’s no surprise that when the world’s most famous pandemic chipmunk is interested in nuts for Christmas, Santa sends word to Albany, GA’s Sunnyland Farms to fill the wish.


If you don’t know Thelonious, then you’re missing out. Atlanta-based journalist Angela Hansberger’s story is one-of-a-kind. When the pandemic hit, Hansberger was forced to stop eating out and reviewing/covering the Atlanta dining scene. And with a need for comfort, she created a front-step restaurant for a party of one, a chipmunk. Named after the legendary jazz musician, Thelonious Monk, for the last year, nearly two, she has been chronicling his daily meals on her Instagram page while creating elaborate scenes, themed events, restaurants in Atlanta and more.


Our client, Sunnyland Farms got the spotlight on Dec. 1 when a special nut delivery arrived for the holiday season.


Take a look at the fun here…


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