Team 360 was tuned into football’s biggest night this past Sunday, Super Bowl LVIII.  While a few of us were watching for the actual football, most were tuned in for other things – the “Usher Bowl,” the Taylor + Travis love saga, and, of course, the ads!


The general consensus among the team was that the ads were a little less memorable than in years past. One of the biggest things we noticed was that many of the ads hinged more on the appearance of celebrities rather than showcasing something a little more unique or creative that would have a more lasting impact on our minds. Many of the commercials even featured the same celebrities (although we definitely didn’t mind seeing Usher or Tom Brady numerous times throughout the show), and what was up with the same animated Temu ad running three times?


It was also interesting to us that many brands released their Super Bowl ads ahead of time (some even sparking minor controversies, like Cetaphil), and some that may have been deemed too risqué for the Super Bowl’s younger viewers (i.e., NYX Cosmetics’ “duck” plumping lipgloss ad featuring Cardi B).


Nonetheless, there were definitely a few standout ads this year! Here are Team 360’s favorite 2024 Super Bowl Ads:


Abby:  “The Reese’s commercial was a favorite for me! Not only was this ad creative and funny, but it also answered possible questions from customers about changes to their favorite candy. Plus, the ad used a familiar voice for the voiceover – actor/comedian Will Arnett.”


De’Andra: “I’ve always been a fan of funny ads, so my favorite commercial of the night was definitely State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbaaa!” It was the first commercial that made me laugh during the Super Bowl, and even now, it’s the one of the ads that sticks out for me the most. As a huge Beyoncé fan though, I also have to mention Verizon’s “Can’t Be Broken” ad! The commercial was humorous, and I enjoyed the nods towards moments in pop culture, like the Barbie movie and Apple’s iconic product press conferences.”


Laura: “The Budweiser commercials featuring the iconic Clydesdale horses are always a Super Bowl highlight for me, and this year’s “Old School Delivery” didn’t disappoint. I’m naturally a sucker for anything involving animals and in this ad Anheuser-Busch went “old school,” calling once again on the majestic Clydesdales with a little help from a friendly Labrador retriever against a beautiful snow-filled background. It focuses on a simple message that Budweiser goes above and beyond to deliver in “moments that matter,” without a lot of bells and whistles, ending with a touching moment between horse and dog.”


Madi: “As a passionate advocate for body positivity and empowerment, I found myself drawn to the Dove “Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film” 2024 Super Bowl Commercial. This captivating advertisement not only showcases the brand’s commitment to promoting self-love and confidence but also supports the impactful Body Confident Sport program in partnership with Nike, which aims to empower young female athletes.”


“Dove has long been at the forefront of championing body acceptance, particularly among young women. Reflecting on their iconic “Toxic Influence: A Dove Film” commercial, a pivotal part of their Self-Esteem Project, I was reminded of the brand’s unwavering dedication to fostering positive self-image and resilience.”


Stevie: “I absolutely loved the Uber Eats ad around forgetting something to remember something new. From Jennifer Aniston forgetting who David Schwimmer is to Jelly Roll forgetting his face is tattooed to Usher forgetting her headline a halftime show, this ad had me absolutely cracking up. So many fun details that spoke to a wide range of audiences. I thought this was super clever and original!”


Tara:  “My favorite commercial this year was the Dunkin Donuts Ben Affleck + Jennifer Lopez spot. Last year’s was so good that there was anticipation of a follow-up + they delivered. When the teases started happening leading up to the big game, my eyes were peeled. It was hilarious + allowed Dunkin and the A-list celebs to poke fun while creating so many memorable moments. The cameos were amazing, and sidenote, I’m obsessed with Jack Harlow! It also was relevant with the release of J’Lo’s new album all about Ben. I don’t watch a lot of commercials but love layered rollout and all the easter eggs teasing what was to follow from Dunkin and the Dunkings. A short movie, a new menu, snippets + outtakes on Dunkin’s social + now even a SONG on spotify!”


Zidia: “My favorite Super Bowl LVIII ad was State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbaaa,” featuring actor, bodybuilder, and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger struggling to pronounce the insurance company’s tagline. Schwarzenegger plays a State Farm employee in an action film, rescuing dogs from a fire and “flying” a helicopter, all while going back and forth with the director over the pronunciation of “neighbor,” “paper,” and “labor.” Each failed attempt somehow topped the last — I particularly liked the way Schwarzenegger said “This woman is in labaaar” — and the surprise cameo by Danny Divitio, who starred in the 1988 film “Twins” with Schwarzenegger and pronounced the tagline correctly at the end, neatly tied the bow on top of a fun and smart advertisement.”

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