You can’t talk about Atlanta pizza without mentioning Varuni Napoli, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution certainly agrees! The notable outlet just released its Spring Dining Guide, and this season it unveils the ultimate guide to Atlanta pizza. Upon checking out the coverage (and getting hungry!), we’re happy to say that our client, Varuni Napoli, is featured throughout!


The introduction of the guide itself highlights what people love about Varuni – its dedication to Neapolitan tradition and authenticity. It even features commentary from Enzo Coccia about the origins of pizza shared during his recent visit to Varuni Napoli and guest appearance at our media event. Chef Enzo is a well-renowned pizzaiolo, the owner of the first-ever Michelin-rated pizzeria in the world, and a mentor to the owner and head chef of Varuni Napoli, Luca Varuni!


The guide then goes on to highlight Varuni’s classic Neapolitan Margherita pie as one of the best pies to try in Atlanta and features Chef Luca Varuni as one of the most prominent pizzaiolo in our city. We may be biased, but Varuni Napoli offers THE best pie in Atlanta! Read more about them in the AJC’s full Atlanta Pizza Guide here, visit them at their spots in Midtown or Krog Street Market to get a taste for yourself, and don’t forget to follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for drool-worthy content you won’t want to miss.

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