If you’ve taken a step back from working with influencers during COVID-19, we understand. With clients going through financial hardships + everyone living from day to day, it can seem strange to prioritize that specific tool. The good news is that there’s other ways to go about working with influencers other than paying them hard cash + tons of reasons why it’s worth reaching out to them in this season.

First of all, the majority of people are still working from home, which means more screen time. That in turn, means more eyes on Instagram + influencers. Secondly, influencers are feeling the hard times too. They want to make connections, to get creative about how to work together + to help their local communities.

So, how to get started? Try not to go by some rulebook about working with influencers – make a curated list, reach out to new people you wouldn’t have before, and have a genuine conversation about your goals and theirs. Chances are, you’ll both be excited about the outcome.

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