The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival has been helping use the power of film to both entertain and educate for nearly 20 years. And every year in Atlanta, it’s annual festival shines a spotlight on the best, diverse collection of international and independent films, their producers, filmmakers and actors, and what they’re doing to reshape the film industry and audiences’ experiences.


This year’s event promises to be packed with incredible screenings, speakers, and another year of enrichment and enlightenment through cinematic storytelling. The 2019 AJFF also shifts to a slightly new timeframe, February 6-26, providing more time to select movies and plan your viewing schedule (while also avoiding the Super Bowl craziness). And, as always, we’ll be there to immerse ourselves in it all and ensure everyone has as much fun as our team!

Here are 3 things we’re looking forward to the most at this year’s film festival:

  1. Guest Speakers – even though we may be biased, we feel like AJFF always does a great job of making it about more than just a screening. It’s always set up to be unique with filmmaker Q&As, panels, and more.
  2. Diverse Flicks – we can’t wait to see the full lineup, but we do already have a few must-sees on our film lists! Being a woman-led agency, we can’t help but root for the “women in film” genres; “Working Woman” in particular features a young, married Israeli mother who thrives in her career in the high-end real estate business despite challenges facing her at home, juggling three children and her husband’s struggling restaurant business.
  3. A Festival for Everyone – yes, it is called the Atlanta “Jewish” Film Festival, but don’t let the name sway you. The organization works year-round to shine a light on Atlanta’s diverse culture and ethnic/religious communities as a whole.

Ideally, we could go on and on, but we’ll have to stop the list there for now. Keep an eye out for more details that will be announced in the coming weeks and closer to the festival.

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