It’s time for another intern spotlight + this one is going to be good (okay, they’re all good, but just let us be excited). Halle Fleming joined as an intern this past January 2020 + made the transition from in-person to virtual look a lot easier than we’re sure it was.

Looking back at her time with us, Halle said her favorite thing about the internship was the company culture + how everyone was so helpful, especially when transitioning to quarantine. While working with us, she learned that she loved graphic design + has now gone on to start her own business, HelloHalle. She works mostly on commissioned pieces, including logos for various businesses. She says she never would have the confidence to start this if not for her internship + we’re so proud! Give her a follow at @byhellohalle to see some of her amazing work.

Her advice for current interns – ask more questions! She said, “There are so many things to learn at 360 + so many people that want to help and teach you. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions because I promise you, I asked more.”

We miss you Halle + wish you all the luck in the world!

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