If you keep up with us, you know that we have interns each semester + they quickly become part of the 360 crew. Sadly, their time with us ends too quickly as they go on to do big things. This series will shine a spotlight on where they are now + we’re hoping to give readers an idea of what our internship can do for you in the future. First up? Jenny McAllister.

Jenny started with 360 this past fall + stayed through December. Throughout her time here she excelled at writing + brainstorming ideas. Those qualities (and more) recently landed her a job as Social Media Coordinator for LocumTenens.com, an agency dedicated to connecting clients and clinicians to the right patients in the complex healthcare market.

One key thing that Jenny learned at 360, that she now uses daily, is writing. She says, “I now manage social media, so it’s important to write clear and concise captions while still being a little fun. 360 helped me grow those skills!” For current 360 interns, her top advice is to attend all the events you can + help as much as possible in order to gain the most hands-on experience.

Go Jenny go!

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