A happy team is a hardworking team, so we’re sharing some of our tips to keep your team happy and motivated.

Team bonding activities – Your team should work and function as a team, which means working together and communicating with one another. Creating these practices don’t need to be done just in the office. Schedule some fun activities throughout the year, quarter, or month for your office to do together. It can be a team exercise or even just a fun group outing for everyone to try something new.

Reward a job well done – No one likes to work 24/7 without recognition. Make sure you are rewarding your staff when they go the extra mile or after a long project is complete. Team 360 definitely believes in the power of a good team happy hour!

Make work more than a just job – Give employees something to work towards. Passion drives a good work ethic, so show your team the value of their work. If you have something they can work on that aligns with their passions, see if they would be interested in taking on the task.

Mix it up – Sitting at a desk all day can be draining. At 360, we encourage our staff to move around the office, explore a new place for lunch, or even take their work outside if it’s a nice day out. Moving around can really boost energy throughout the office, which means greater productivity.

Communicate – Communication is key. Make sure your employees have an easy communication line to their supervisors or bosses. If employees give feedback, they want it to be heard. Make sure you are setting the best tactics in place for information to be distributed in a healthy way throughout the office.

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