Having a great agency culture is great for business. Clients and editors can feel the energy and enthusiasm from your team and nothing fuels creativity in the workplace more than a great environment. Here are some simple tips from PR Couture (with a 360 twist) for creating a thriving agency culture:

Take Time for Team Building

Our team often plans group outings, from grabbing a cocktail and small bites to teaming up to play at Pin & Proper, which helps everyone develop closer relationships, work better as a team in a relaxed environment, and creates a little friendly competition.

Meaningful Mentoring Matters

Making mentoring a priority is important to build your team’s skillset and grow your long-term network. It’s important to take time to check in with the team and get feedback on aspects of their role they like and how they would like to grow. Some agency’s best practices tend to come from listening to employee gripes, goals and aspirations.

Reward Results

Hard work should always be rewarded and creating a structured bonus or reward system will not only make your team feel valued, but will likely increase placements or other benchmarks.

Get Goofy

Taking time to let loose and laugh as a team will build a bond with the team that will be strong in stressful or pressure-filled situations. Taking a field trip to see a funny movie or having a funny GIF bomb contest in the office makes a lot harder to snap at a coworker with things get stressful at work.

Elevate the Environment

The best publicists have a rare ability to blend analytical thinking, great writing skills and lots of creativity. Often tapping into the creative aspect of the job can be the most challenging with all of the other things one is juggling. Creating a beautiful workspace and environment helps the creative juices flow and has the added bonus of making a very “social” friendly photo environment.

The energy and vibe of an agency’s culture is often palpable to editors, clients, potential employees, brand partners and other contacts, so finding some creative ways to build a strong agency culture will boost the bottom line.


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