You’ve seen the headlines of companies dropping their usual work + changing directions to help their communities fight the impact of COVID-19. We’re proud to share that one of our own clients, ADAC, has multiple showrooms that are doing the same, from making masks to designing products with profits going towards the community we love how businesses are pivoting in this time of need.

From Baker, Thibaut, Pindler, and Peacock Alley shifting resources to create masks and face shields, to Phillip Jeffries and Design Galleria/Matthew Quinn Collection donating lunch and meals, brands are doing everything they can to support healthcare workers, fire and EMT departments, and others throughout the community. Peacock Alley has also released a new hand towel, with the phrase “Wash Your F—king Hands,” embroidered on it + we recently got it featured in ArchDigest.

We’re inspired by our clients setting an example on how to use their resources for good + hope you follow along for even more inspirational ideas and how you can support from home!

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