Let’s be honest – this whole WFH can be really tough at times. Sure, it’s great that your office is feet away from your kitchen and bedroom and cuddling your fur babies all day while you work is the dream, but even the best things can get old. Burnout can happen no matter where you’re working from, but studies have shown that often, people who work from home experience burnout more easily. So, what can we do to prevent it? For some inspiration, here’s what our team has been doing while working from home.

  • Set boundaries. It can be tricky when your home is also your office but make it a point to turn off and somehow create that work/life balance. One of our Buzz Coordinators, Taylor, makes sure she only works in her office when possible – once she leaves that room, it’s a signal it is time to disconnect.
  • Create a routine. It’s far too easy to roll out of bed and walk to your “office” but try to establish a morning routine regardless. Mary Grace has been busy perfecting her morning routine during quarantine by waking up early enough to allow for morning coffee + time with her pup. Allowing yourself ample time in the morning will help you to start work with a more relaxed mind.
  • Maintain connections. WFH can feel isolating at times so it’s important to keep communication and not just with your roommate. Hopping on the phone with coworkers can mean a world of difference versus just sending emails all day long. Our teams have been busy connecting daily to make sure we stay on top of things.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. Chances are that you and your coworkers are feeling a lot of the same things. If things ever get to be too much, be upfront about how you’re feeling. We are all learning as we go and leaning on others can be vital.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to take vacation. It is all too common for people working from home to feel like they don’t need or deserve a vacation because they’ve already been home but unwinding outside of work and your home is so important to avoid burnout. Take a break for yourself every once in a while and remember you earned it. One of our PR Specialists, Abby, can attest that taking that small time away gives you a fresh perspective and new energy when coming back to work.
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