PR Couture recently published a forward-thinking piece on a PR agency that pulled back on influencer outreach this year, so of course, we had to share.

Many agencies have shifted their focus to the influencer space, convinced it’s the best way to achieve PR goals. While it’s necessary for agencies to expand expertise beyond traditional print media relations, the pendulum has swung far in the direction of influencers over editorial.

A London-based PR agency recently took a step back from influencer and blogger outreach and collaborations. They understand that clients/brands want to gain coverage online through this type of content and see the value in tracking backlinks, boosting search results, etc. For many brands, influencer marketing is key and works as a main driver for coverage. But there are still audiences who don’t use social media, and still others who are rapidly changing or reducing their usage. As surprising as that may be for us, especially those in fashion + lifestyle communications, it’s an important understanding to keep in mind. For example, according to a report carried out by Science Trends, Generation Z are deactivating social media accounts, with 58% taking a break from social media altogether. Depending on who your client’s demographics, not focusing on print coverage could potentially be a big mistake.

No one knows for sure what will happen in the next few years in regards to PR, influencers, bloggers and print. But we agree with Rochelle White PR – print isn’t dead, it’s just evolving… and we’re here for it!

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