Hashtags have become a vital part of social media. They can help increase the reach of your post, create brand awareness and even connect communities. While they are often beneficial, hashtags can get a bit overwhelming and many people begin asking—which ones are best for my brand? Here are a few local hashtags to help navigate you through the world of social media:

#Atlfoodie—161K on Instagram

If you’re a food blogger, a chef, an Atlanta restaurant, or just looking for somewhere to grab lunch, #atlfoodie should be your go-to hashtag. It’s loaded with the best mouthwatering eats in Atlanta.

#WeloveATL—1M on Instagram

This may be one of the most popular (and one of our favorite) Atlanta hashtags. This tag shows off all of the wonderful things our city has to offer. If your goal is to reach an Atlanta based audience or to just show off your ATL love, this is the hashtag for you.

#discoverATL—300K on Instagram

Talk about expanding your audience! #DiscoverATL is about finding all the latest Atlanta goods. From events, to restaurants, to artists, and beyond, this hashtag will certainly get your content “discovered”.

#atlantaRestaurants—52K on Instagram

We know this seems obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. With over fifty thousand tags on Instagram, if you’re an Atlanta-based restaurant you should absolutely be using this tag.

#AtlantaBlogger—320K on Instagram

Food blogger, fitness blogger, lifestyle blogger, cat blogger. Whether you are a blogger, or you’re just looking for the newest local blogger to follow, this hashtag has a great mix of Atlanta-based people.

#atlantafitness—143K on Instagram

Gym owners and gym goers alike should check out #AtlantaFitness. This hashtag is here for all things healthy living. From the gym to the dinner table, this a great one to use to show off your active brand or lifestyle.

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