Team 360 is comprised of women who are driven, passionate, funny and have hearts of gold. Morgan Rabby is no exception. She joined 360 in 2016 as a Buzz Coordinator, and her amazing drive, work ethic and passion for clients allowed her to quickly work her way up to PR Specialist. She’s done outstanding work with ADAC, Big Apple Circus and Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, and most recently, she’s worked with Olivea Restaurant Group and Moffett Restaurant Group.

Originally from Mississippi, Morgan always loved living in Atlanta, and a little over a year ago, she made her way to Texas. It’s been her favorite place to live so far! Exploring Texas has been an adventure, and on the weekends, Morgan’s favorite go-to drinks are gin or vodka-based sips… with a little lime, of course! Panic at the Disco tops the charts in Morgan’s music playlists, but her favorite concert experience has been Lady Gaga. She loves to go to see movies with her fiancé, Ethan, and one of her recent favorites is A Quiet Place.

Team 360 is gearing up to celebrate Morgan’s 3 year anniversary with the company with next week, and this weekend is Morgan’s wedding (check out her beautiful wedding website here)! What an exciting time!

Here’s 5 of our favorite questions to get to know Morgan more:

  1.  What is your guilty pleasure? Anything true crime related, I’m obsessed.
  2. If you were to be trapped on a deserted island, what are 3 things you would bring? I would bring a machete, fire starter, and of course my fiancé, Ethan.
  3. Who is on your guest list for a dinner party? Dead or alive. Adam or Eve, Issa Rae, Brendon Urie.
  4. What movie has the greatest ending? Up, for the lessons he learned throughout his journey and the uplifting message of the movie.
  5. What brings you the most joy in life? Spending time with people I love. I appreciate it even more now that I live further away from friends and family. I also love being able to create things.
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