Believe us, we know. Staying safe at home and not living life out and about for the last 5 months has been an interesting transition. You’ve had to adjust your home space to be part office, get into the flow with Zoom call after Zoom call, and begin feeling super comfortable spending every waking moment with your roommates/family/significant other. As much as we’re all tired of hearing the phrases “new normal” and “pivot”, that’s exactly what we’ve had to do – but it doesn’t have to be all bad!

It may take a while (and honestly, with some kicking and screaming) but it’s possible to come to terms with the way things are now. Some things that have helped our team adjust include:

  • Create a schedule: Whether it’s making your bed right when you wake up, listening to a podcast with your first cup of coffee, or taking a long walk, find a schedule that brings you joy and gives you purpose each day.
  • Find a support system: This is a tough time for everyone. Call your therapist, or a friend, to talk through what you’re feeling. You’re not alone in this. Virtual appointments are readily available these days.
  • Tap into mindfulness: When you start feeling like things will never be like before, consider using a meditation app or try a breathing exercise to focus your awareness on the present moment.
  • No pressure: It’s easy to slip into thinking you need to finish that big project or learn a brand new skill with so much time spent at home, but you don’t need to feel pressured to do that Next Big Thing.
  • Set up your space: Find a place to set up your home office and don’t work from your bed. Create the separation between work and home, even if you’re just stepping over a few feet.
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