Stories have become an essential part of the Instagram platform. They get a short burst of information out quickly and it has become a great way for businesses to engage with their audience. Here are some tips to make sure that you are creating the most effective Instagram stories for your company.

  • Keep it short and sweet – Stories only have a 15-second time frame, so don’t overload viewers with a bunch of information. If you have to break up information through a couple of stories, make sure you share the most important info first.
  • Create engaging stories — Instagram has created tons of tools to help you engage with your audience through stories. Next time you create a story, try using a gif, creating a poll, or asking a question.
  • Looks are important — Just because it’s a story doesn’t mean less thought should be put into the post. Keep photos and content clear. Your viewers are only going to see this post for 15 seconds, so make sure they can understand what they’re looking at.
  • Tag away — When you’re posting a story, don’t forget to add a location tag and tag those involved with the story. This will help your story reach more people and give viewers a better understanding of the event or product being shown.
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