Digital Day returns this year at ADAC with an exciting day of presentations. Covering the hottest technology topics in the world of design, the day begins with discussion from attorney Angie Turner about the legal issues surrounding hashtags. She’ll cover how you can protect yourself and your brand as this gray area of the law becomes more black and white.

Then, if you have ever endorsed or wanted to endorse a product you love, listen in as an all-star panel of designers, including Julia Buckingham, Lisa Mende, and Mikel Welch, share tips for how you can be an effective brand ambassador while staying true to your voice.

Leaders of the Decorative Furnishings Association kick-off the afternoon with findings from industry research about today’s most powerful Digital Disruptors and how they will change the future of the design industry.  The day concludes with a panel discussion with Nicole Baxter, Jessica Bradley, James Wheeler who are effectively tackling the online retail invasion and winning clients who understand the value of design services in a world of immediate access.

The day is crafted in partnership with the Design Influencers Conference and is a forum for novices and experts alike to learn and share ideas so designers and the design industry can evolve and thrive in the new digital environment. Register for Digital Day here. The event is free for attendees.

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