By now, it’s safe to assume most everyone has felt the effects of recent events. 360 definitely has, but we’re excited to share that in the middle of this mess, we’ve landed a client that specializes in the very thing we all need more of right now – authentic connections.

Topeka is a service that brings users face-to-face with their favorite artists and others with live video hangouts. The process is easy. You choose your host, choose your hangout, select a time + get excited. Host options currently include a wide range of artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, athletes, and bank of other talent. Hangout types range from conversations, to music lessons, to gifted serenades, to mini-concerts and more.

Founded by the man who started Sixthman, Topeka is inspired by a scene in the 2000s hit “Almost Famous,” where the star wanders the streets of Topeka + ends up being invited to a party by local fans. This scene captures the spirit behind Topeka – fans and artists connecting in a real and meaningful way, beyond the lights and stage, just like old friends hanging out at a coffee shop.

Perhaps the best part of Topeka is that each hangout supports Circles Morningside, the Atlanta-based chapter of Circle USA, by providing individuals with one month of empowerment coaching. The organization is committed to work with members on developing “life systems” that leads them to full time employment opportunities by providing them with valuable skills and tools.

Visit their website for a full list of hosts + more details!

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