Going green isn’t only for your personal life. There are plenty of ways to apply the concepts of sustainability to every aspect of your life and everywhere that you go, including your workplace!

Below are ways to go green at the office and make our planet a wonderful place to live and work.

  • Change the way you commute – using public transport actually cuts back on gas and saves you money in the long run. This also provides the chance to talk to your neighborhood about a carpooling system that could benefit everyone.
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers – usually, when you buy food for lunch, it’s packed in bags you’ll have to throw away. If you have to do this, be sure to recycle any items that can be.
  • Use reusable water bottles and mugs at work – disposable water bottles can be found all over landfills and their environmental impact is atrocious. Opt for reusable bottles to save money, plus you won’t have to worry about the invisible residue that is known to come from throwaway plastic bottles. You can also enjoy your own cute mug instead of disposable coffee cups.
  • Upgrade your office décor – bring in or suggest real plants throughout your office, which will help filter the air. They also create a peaceful environment for everyone.
  • Use energy-saving lights – a well-lit office can always be met in an eco-friendly manner. LED lights conserve energy and last much longer than standard light bulbs.
  • Share printed files with coworkers – cut back on copies that have to be printed and avoid printing altogether whenever possible. Digital copies can be read from laptops or projected onto a TV/screen that can be viewed by everyone.
  • Turn off electricity when it isn’t in use – get into the habit of turning off lights and unplugging electronics in order to save energy.
  • Add reusable dishes and silverware to the office – fill your kitchen or break room with reusable products that simply require washing.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator – it takes a large amount of energy to use an elevator. Stairs are a worthy alternative since it’s a healthier option (we could all use that extra energizing break) that can help get you in better shape from the aerobic benefits.
  • Instead of paper towels, use hand dryers – hand dryers are a sanitary replacement that largely reduces the use of paper towels.
  • Use a recycling bin – encourage coworkers (or add it as a policy) to use the recycling bin and provide a handy guide of what can and can’t be added to the bin.
  • Share helpful reminders – whether you put a note by the light switch to remind people to turn it off, or email instructions on how to print double-sided, discuss and educate your office to make it easy for them to make smart choices.
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