During this time, businesses are having to pivot quickly in order to survive and thrive. Entrepreneurs Organization Atlanta, one of 360’s newest clients and the Atlanta chapter of the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), has always been a leader and a key resource in the business world and is doing its part to make this process easier on entrepreneurs. While the expert resources and tools the organization provides are typically exclusive to its membership, the organization is now extending offerings by launching Project United to provide no-cost resources to non-members.

To personalize the program based on where a business is in their process, EO Atlanta has divided efforts into three stages: Triage, Recovery and Emerge. Depending on which stage an entrepreneur is in, there is specific info, webinars and additional resources available to best serve their businesses’ needs. The organization is not only providing valuable content to non-members, but is also offering to host complimentary live weekly sessions to discuss and share solutions to the biggest challenges, highlight the most effective financial, marketing and sales resources, and create a sense of connection and community among Atlanta entrepreneurs who are on the journey of Triage, Recover and Emerge.

For more information and the access these resources, visit www.eoatlanta.com/united for links, articles and upcoming webinars. For entrepreneurs interested in becoming a member of EO Atlanta, membership opportunities are also available for those who meet the organization’s business requirements. To learn more or apply for membership, visit www.eonetwork.org/atlanta/membership-qualification.

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