An organization’s press kit is among one of the most useful tools in public relations. A well-developed press kit, also known as a media kit, can serve as a one-stop source for reporters and are essential in pitching stories. PRDaily has helped put together major components of a press kit, including:

  1. Company Overview – This explains what your company does, what it offers, and what differentiates it from competitors. It includes the company history, story, mission, and provides a basic description that avoids industry jargon and clichés.
  2. Fact Sheet – This may be part of the overview and is usually a one-page, bulleted list of vital information about the organization, such as achievements, important dates in its history, statistics, and more.
  3. Biographies – Be sure to have biographies for CEOs, chairmen, founders, and other key players. Include headshots and a few paragraphs (this is not a place for life stories).
  4. FAQs – These can differentiate the organization from competitors. Speak with the organization’s sales team and contact center to uncover common questions from perspective customers.
  5. Press Releases – Keep these current; two to three will suffice. If the announcement is recent and relevant enough, the news outlet might publish it.
  6. News Coverage – This can provide background to journalists and establish your organization as credible and newsworthy.
  7. Multimedia Elements – This can include everything from high-resolution photos of products and videos to maps and the company logo.
  8. Contact Information – Cover phone numbers and email addresses of company media contacts. This can also include links to your company’s social media profiles.

We also recommend using Dropbox for press kits to make sharing easy. Read more from the original post here.

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