There’s no denying that influencer marketing is huge, and it’s pretty genius. Followers trust influencers’ opinions and the brands they choose to promote, meaning your brand could benefit greatly from working with and promoting your product through influencer marketing. But, how do you find the perfect influencer to fit your brand? We have a few tips.

Know what you’re looking for — Just because someone has 1 million followers on Instagram, doesn’t mean their brand fits yours. If you’re a local business, search local and don’t become focused on followers alone. Look at their followers and products they have promoted before to see if it lines up with your message.

Use hashtags — Search hashtags that are relevant to your company or location. If you’re a restaurant in Atlanta try looking at the hashtag “#atlfoodie” and if you’re a clothing boutique maybe start by searching “#atlantablogger”.

Research — Finding the perfect people to partner with may not happen overnight, so do your research. Make a list of people that you find, see if their brand lines up with yours, check their engagement, and see how active they are on their social and/blog.

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