Step your Insta-glam game up at the Winky Lux Experience Store! Brought to you by cult make-up brand Winky Lux, the six-month pop-up will transport you through nine completely mesmerizing rooms full of color, sound, and of course, beauty. Whether you’re chilling out in the matcha zen garden, having tea in the tiny café, or namastay-ing in bed, you’re guaranteed to grab some cute content.

Each room is inspired by one of Winky Lux’s fab products, which guests can sample throughout their tour. The beauty brand prides themselves on offering consumers a luxury makeup experience for affordable prices. From hue-driven palettes and silky smooth lipsticks to fun capsule collections and partnerships, Winky Lux is changing up the way millennials buy beauty products.

This will be the second stop for the experience, whose debut in New York City consistently saw lines around the block. The experience will be open daily. For more information, please view the full press release here.


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