Here at 360 Media, we are all about putting out good energy into the universe and that includes setting intentions, goals + dreams. Last month, we celebrated a very special day – November 11 or 11:11. This day is perfect for setting both your professional and personal intentions for the foreseeable future and in order to give this day the attention it deserved, we celebrated with our own “Manifestation Monday.”

To kick it off, we started by all creating personal vision boards with images and words that resonate with and inspire us. We then followed that with individual tarot readings with a reader from Modern Mystic and finally, wrapped up this day full of good vibes with some meditation and light movement guided by Mandy Roberts of {form}yoga.

Manifestation Monday offered our team the perfect way to wrap up 2019 and enter into the new decade with clear minds, positive energy and goals to carry us into the next year. Now, let’s manifest the sh*t out of 2020!

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