You’ve landed your first internship + you’re so excited you could scream it from the rooftops! For some, this is enough to get excited about, but for others, you’re wondering, how do I make this turn into a job?

Here are three tips from MaryGrace, our newest intern-turned-Buzz Coordinator, on how to land that first full-time position:

  1. Be grateful for the internship. Yes, everyone wants that full-time job, but remember that you’re just starting out and should show your appreciation for the opportunity that you’ve been given.
  2. Learn as much as you can about your company or agency (clients, past coverage, history, etc.), so you’re prepared for anything and everything that you will be tasked with.
  3. Think of ideas that could potentially benefit your company or a client. This could mean events, new ways to network, or anything in between. This is a good step to show you take initiative.

These are just three small ideas, but they can be the starting steps in transitioning your internship into a job. You’ve got this!

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