A drive-in performance. A grief circle. A healing cypher atop an empty parking garage in South Downtown Atlanta.

Last fall, integrative theatre pop-up, HEREafter, premiered to sold out audiences and featured a story of love, family, and loss. Now, HERE is returning with Episode 2 of HEREafter which will sweep the audience into an overwhelming and powerful experience. In order to maintain the safety of all involved, audience members will begin this integrative journey in their cars and upon exiting, find themselves in the midst of a story of a family thrown into chaos after the death of their matriarch – all while maintaining social distancing standards. While the global pandemic has created a space where physical restrictions are limiting, this integrative theatre experience serves to bridge that gap in a safe and creative way.

Experience this dramatic and powerful narrative when it premieres from September 10 through September 13. There will be three shows nightly at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. For more information on the show and safety measures being taken, see the media alert here. To purchase your tickets, visit www.freshtix.com/organizations/here.

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