Public Relations might not have come in last in a recent Gallup poll about how Americans view the business industry, but it certainly didn’t excel, only ranking above the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and the federal government. While the industry can be stressful at times, this ranking is largely based on the misunderstanding of what publicists actually do on a day-to-day basis. If you were to ask a handful of people what public relations is, chances are you would get completely different answers from everyone.

Here at 360 Media, our mission is to help our clients whether that is through positive media coverage, content curation, crisis communications or maybe just a quick therapy session when the client needs it. Public Relations is at the cornerstone of building a positive reputation as a brand or an individual and this is why it is so critical. At the end of the day, Public Relations is all about assisting your client, exceeding their goals and building them up in the public eye. Now, are we up for a recount?

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