Things are heating up on social media. Here are the trends you can expect to see this summer while scrolling through your phone.

  1. Stories are here to stay

Stories have become a pivotal part of social media. What began on Snapchat years ago, has now taken multiple social platforms by storm. With the implementation of Facebook stories, and even WhatsApp and YouTube creating similar features, stories are only just beginning their debut on the social media front.

  1. Video, Video, Video

Video is not groundbreaking to social media, but it is being used now more than ever. Video posts on Facebook get at least 59% more engagement than other post types and outperform photos by 73%. Keep this in mind when you’re planning posts this summer.

  1. Expanding the conversation

Witty captions and cute photos are great, but there has been a huge shift across platforms to really focus on developing engagement. This means getting your followers, viewers, fans, etc., involved in an online conversation. By conversation, we don’t just mean creating a discussion on one specific post, but generating a consistent dialogue throughout your community.

  1. Authentic stories and posts

To piggy-back off the previous paragraph— the ability to generate engagement and expand the conversation goes hand-in-hand with authentic content. Viewers are getting tired of the idea of a “perfect” social media persona. They want to see the person behind the brand. Expect to see a deviation from those perfectly curated feeds and get ready to see something a little more relatable.

  1. Sharing the love

With social media constantly growing and changing more and more, users are joining different outlets daily. People are using social channels to guide viewers to other avenues such as blogs, newsletters, YouTube, etc. Make sure to spread the love amongst digital platforms to help expand audiences and get ready to see even more “link in bio” posts this season.

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