One of the perks (perhaps the best) about working at 360 is having some furry workplace friends. Morton + Benji, our canine co-workers, couldn’t be more different but are both honorary team members at #team360. See below for some fun facts about these hard-working pups.

  • Morton is 4 1/2 years old and comes from Alabama (He’s liking Georgia a lot better)
  • Benji is Insta-famous – show him some love @brooklynbenji
  • Morton is our official office security guard (all bark, no bite), loves car rides and is obsessed with squirrels
  • Some of Benji’s favorite activities include collecting socks, long walks on the beach with his mom and dad + watching dog shows on TV
  • Morton loves naps by the fireplace

Both dogs were rescued and couldn’t be more loved by everyone at 360 Media. If you’re looking to add a dog (or cat) to your family, we encourage you to #adoptdontshop. Check out the Atlanta Humane Society for more info.

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