As much as we love our Team 360, our furry friends will always have a special place in our hearts. Meet our Pawtastic crew of all shapes, sizes and attitudes!

Brittany’s Cats: Callisto, Khaleesi + Kitty

If you think one cat with a lot of attitude is tough, try three! Callisto and Khaleesi have been inseparable since they met at three months old. Now at 5-years-old, they both are huge fans of snuggles, wet food and most importantly, the laser during playtime. Kitty was introduced a few months back but has been with Brittany’s boyfriend for over three years. She’s the tiniest black cat (with a short tail) you’ll ever meet and is a HUGE fan of strangers and cans being opened.

Cubb’s Three Beans: Sophie, Mishka + Dolce

Another team member with three adorable kittens! Sophie is the big sister cat and mediator among others. She loves to share her toys and is constantly bringing them up and down the stairs. Mishka likes to head to the front window first thing after breakfast to keep her eye out on the neighborhood. Baby sister, Dolce has the typical Siamese “attitude.” You will never guess her favorite treat – plain or flavored potato chips.

Abby’s Pups: Cali + Winston

Double the Golden Retriever is ALWAYS a good idea. Cali is the sweetest Golden Retriever you will ever meet while Winston, an English Cream Golden Retriever will always be in a playful spirit and can (99.9% of the time) be found with a ball by his side.

Taylor’s GREAT Dane: Reiki

Reiki is 1.5 years old, lazy A-F, and thinks every soft surface is a new bed. He usually sleeps with Taylor and her fiancé (in a queen bed) which is a slight concern being that he takes up more than half the bed. He’s also a major lap dog and loves watching Harry Potter. He will usually come running into the room if the theme music comes on.

MaryGrace’s Pup: Hunk (also known as Hunky, Hunkers, Chunky, Chunky Hunky, and most affectionately, Bubby)

Hunk is a Border Collie/Lab mix rescued from the Athens Humane Society when he was one years old. Some of his favorite things are Treatos, walks (no harness, no problem), car rides and howling in his sleep. Things he hates? Petting him (Don’t do it…), baths and The Office theme song. Sorry to all The Office fans out there!

Katie’s Teeny Pup: Ollie

Tiny little Ollie, a Chihuahua/mix, loves his long naps, sunbathing, and being Katie’s shadow 24/7. Some may even mistake him for a miniature cow because of his white body and black spots. Make sure to not touch him if you see him in someone’s lap or his comfy furry bed.

Tara’s Furry Friend: Morton

Morton is 4.5 years old and comes from Alabama – he’s liking Georgia a lot better! Morton is our official office security guard (all bark, no bite), loves car rides, is obsessed with squirrels and loves naps by the fireplace.

Lindsay’s Insta-Famous Pup: Benji

Benji is Insta-famous – show him some love @brooklynbenji. Some of his favorite activities include collecting socks, long walks on the beach with his mom and dad + watching dog shows on TV.

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