With the last Monday of May quickly approaching, Memorial Day is the perfect kick-off to the summertime. Even though this holiday looks a little different than usual, we have some great ideas on how to spend this summer day. If you’re looking forward to spending the day outside, start it off is by going on a hike or transform your backyard into its own vacation spot – make yourself a fruity drink, add a blow-up swimming pool, sit back + relax.

If you’re not able to make it outside, we have some great at home activities for you to partake in. Take this time to write a letter to a soldier and/or their family. Such a simple act can truly make a difference in somebody’s day. No matter where this holiday takes you, remember to use this time to remember all of those who have served + those who continue to serve our country. A great way to show your appreciation is donating to a military-related charity, going online to learn more about veterans, and/or taking a moment of silence.

Visit the Atlanta 100 to learn more about the history and importance of Memorial Day.

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