What do these three have in common? Well, we went around the 360 office asking everyone their favorite holiday traditions + believe it or not, this is what we found.

Tuning in to A Christmas Story 24 hour marathon on TBS, watching A Christmas Carol on New Year’s Eve while eating homemade fondue + binging on all the cheesy Hallmark movies are just a few of our staff’s very favorite things to do. While mistletoe may seem overrated, especially if you’re single this year (we’ve all been there), it adds an air of festivity + is a must-have decoration for one team member. Two other loved traditions include having an annual “sneaky Santa” party (it’s like secret Santa, but Santa’s a little more… sneaky) + cooking a delicious Christmas dinner with family. Gingerbread house competitions, laying under the Christmas tree admiring the lights (with a favorite furry friend) + driving around on Christmas Eve looking at all of the stunningly decorated homes also make the list.

What traditions would make your list? Let us know + Merry Christmas from #team360!

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