Sonic Rebel, the latest project of longtime music-industry veteran and established drummer, Tammy Hurt, is making its exciting debut this afternoon at Esports event InvitationATL, a virtual event to help rock the 2020 vote and get people registered.. Blending electronic, rock, glitch, dub-trap, and hip-hop elements, Sonic Rebel is a progressive, multi-dimensional collaboration that brings its listeners hybrid tracks that can stand alone, be used for live mashup performances, or remixed into other music for advertising and other opportunities. Sonic Rebel’s first single, “RUN” will be released to all streaming platforms on September 18.

Today’s one-of-a-kind event, InvitationATL, is a virtual music festival featuring musical performances, video game live streaming, and a $10,000 Fortnite competition – and even better, it all goes towards the great cause of raising voter awareness. Check out more details here + join the festival fun when live-stream event will kicks off today Tuesday, July 21 at 3pm ET at

For more details, check out the full release here.

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