Prepare yourself for a bone chilling adventure. The team behind the world-famous NETHERWORLD Haunted House is thrilled to announce this year’s main theme, HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES, which introduces brand new monsters and brings back some fan favorites.

HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARES will take visitors on a terrifying adventure that starts over one hundred years ago when the survivors of a brutal family feud sought vengeance against another mountain clan. Utilizing evil powers stolen from monsters beneath the earth, they were transformed into savage bat-like creatures and slaughtered their enemies on Halloween night! Guests should beware of many eerie shadow creatures, legions of grinning jack-o’-lanterns, the Lair of the Ancient Alchemist, the Chamber of the Elder Thing, and the Temple of the Bat God!

Over the past several months, the NETHERWORLD Haunted House team has been and continues to closely monitor developments in regards to COVID-19 as they determine how best to launch the 2020 season. More details on COVID-19 plans and protocols will be shared over the coming months. For more information on the new haunts, visit

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