Every tasty pizza needs an equally tasty sidekick… otherwise known as a refreshingly, cold cocktail! Luckily for Atlanta, Midtown’s Varuni Napoli has a well-curated cocktail list that pair perfectly with their Neapolitan pies. And, they just introduced five new seasonal sips!

The five new cocktails – Wise Guy, Coco Rum Flower, Smoke N Mirrors, Aperol Spritz, and Black Velvet – stand alongside Varuni favorites like the Negroni Riserva, Italian Stallion and From the Garden. Descriptions of the new sips can be found below. Cheers!

  • Wise Guy: Bourbon, Campari, Amaro, house-made maple syrup, and a touch of fresh squeezed lemon juice ($12)
  • Coco Rum Flower: Dark Rum, orange and aromatic bitters, lime juice, apricot liqueur and a coconut infused ice cube ($10)
  • Smoke N Mirrors: Bourbon, all spice, cinnamon and Demerara syrup combined with a splash of fresh squeezed lemon juice ($11)
  • Aperol Spritz: The ideal Italian aperitif – Aperol with chilled Prosecco and topped with club soda ($9)
  • Black Velvet: Two week Barrel Aged Black Manhattan using Makers Mark with Averna Amaro and notes of Vanilla and Oak ($13)


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