Earth Day, an annual event celebrated today, Sunday, April 22, hosts worldwide demonstrations in support of environmental protection. You can use today to educate yourself on green schools, deforestation, climate change + plastic pollution, but did you know that cooking with PeachDish helps environmental efforts all year round?

The farm-to-table meal kit service has brought thoughtfulness and intention to every aspect of their business + packaging. From their 100% recycled boxes that are 100% recyclable to their non-toxic soluble gel, there are plenty of ecofriendly ways to dispose of the materials. Looking to repurpose? Use the plastic bottles to store your TSA-approved liquids for travelling, the jute liners to stop pesky weeds from growing in your yard, or the organza mesh bags to wrap a hostess gift!

How do YOU repurpose PeachDish? Tag @PeachDish and #RePeach on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be entered into their monthly contest!

For more information on PeachDish, their environmental efforts, and how you can get involced, you can visit their recycling page here.

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