Last month our Creative Content Developer, Cora, attended the annual Social Shake Up event at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. She spent three days learning about all things social media + content marketing. Here are a few takeaways from her experience:

  1. Don’t just post the same post across all channels. Content should be curated for its individual platform. Remember: Twitter – fast-paced information,  Instagram – create a curated and visual feeling, Facebook – generate conversations, LinkedIn – behind the scenes of employees and company updates.
  2. Stop chasing the high. Don’t just continually try to beat the most liked, shared or viewed post on your page. Instead, strive for consistent elevation in numbers and building momentum across platforms.
  3. Email marketing is important. The people who subscribe to your regular newsletters should get the “VIP treatment”. They should be receiving information, deals, etc., before anyone else. This encourages your viewers to sign up for your newsletters and email lists.
  4. Take a minute to slow down on social media. This is a reminder to be strategic with the story you’re telling. Lose the marketing voice. Tell a human story and allow your band to genuinely engage with your audience
  5. Yes, content should be created for its individual platform, but remember that branding and brand voice is still important. If you covered up the logo throughout your social channels, would it still look, feel, and sound like you?
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